Cricket Legends game

This new game of Cricket Legends will be the chance for you to play alongside the most remarkable players and legends of ABCya-3 where the intense cricket matches take place. If you are good at pitching, hitting the ball, and showing precision at cricket, this game will be a perfect option for your playtime. Once you have stepped onto the pitch, you will be solely in charge of the team's victory chance. Therefore, hit, swing, and control your bat with confidence because you'll compete alongside or against some of the world's top cricket legends.

The goal of this game is to win all matches with your teammate. Observe the other opponent's movement, pay attention to the ball, and pick the right timing to deliver your magnificent shots. The key to this game is to keep purchasing new updates or upgrading the skill of players. This will help your main character to stand more chances of winning against the masters. It's a fabulous setting for kid games with amazing animation, a complex storyline, and more than one surprising feature that you are about to figure out! Coordinate the eyesight, observation, unique skills, and eye-hands movement to keep your team on top with the most successful matches achieved.Every shot you swing should be a legendary score for this cricket game!

Controlling keys:

Click the mouse or tap to choose the timing to hit the cricket ball.

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Gameloft SE

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