Snowboard Master 3D game

Snowboard Master is a fast-paced 3D extreme sports simulation game, combining console quality graphics with the most realistic physics. Experience the sheer adrenaline rush of hurtling down a snow-packed ski ramp as if you were really there. Stomp your tricks in the backcountry and explore epic lines down insane mountainsides. Go big or go home!

In a thrilling race to the finish line, you'll be pitted against formidable opponents who won't give you a moment's rest. Along the way, you'll discover gifts containing bonuses that can help you temporarily slow down your opponents or accelerate your descent. As you showcase your skills, you'll earn money to purchase new snowboards and hats, adding to your collection of winter sports gear. Don't miss the chance to experience the rush of winter sports and claim victory on the snowy terrain.

How to Play:

  • Left to steer left
  • Right to steer right
  • Up to jump

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