Cross Stitch 2 - Coloring book 1 game

Cross Stitch 2 - Coloring Book 1, a book of intricate patterns, will help you relax and maximize your leisure time. Enjoy this journey of artistic discovery and enjoy the needlework simulation. While you are at it, have fun!

Your objective is to color each image to 100% on each level. Colors in these images are coded with letters and that is where the cross-stitch part comes into play. To color a section of the image, click on the letter at the bottom of the screen to have its associated color. Then click and hold the left mouse button as you move your mouse over the sections of the image to dye it. In order to complete an image you should color it correctly, so pay attention to letters and the colors. While working on bigger designs, you can zoom in and out! Have fun!

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Instruction to play: 

  • RIGHT mouse button - moves the canvas (must be held and move)
  • LEFT mouse button - depending on how the selected tool draws/moves (you can press once or hold and move)
  • B - brush
  • H - move
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