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If you love the uncomplicated process, smooth game control, and amazing 3D theme, this ABCya game 4 kids of Cut 3D will be the most perfect option that you can enjoy! This game is all about going through the cycle of gathering wood using the construction site. You will be working with the Jolly Lumberjack Simulator and completing the tasks of chopping all the wood pieces as they become available on the screen. The sequence shall consist of the work of sawing tree branches that are huge, working on the boards, building, assembling, and creating a home from scratch!

There are a lot of items that can be made from these beautiful wood pieces. As long as you master the art of chopping and producing lumber, you can choose whichever design you want! Don't forget about some smaller tasks like chopping firewood to keep the fire and making small items. It's a fun game to enjoy and discover all the products that are needed to master wood processing. Are you ready to become a real lumberjack with lots of items in your collection? This game allows the kids to take a break from the school homework and enjoy the satisfaction and fun of completing the simple process.Each woodworking process will require a different technique and process, therefore, make sure to closely follow the tutorial and make the most skilled and beautiful items that you can in this 3D-graphics game!

How to play Cut 3D:

Drag and click the mouse to choose the pieces and work on them.

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