Delete Puzzle Erase One Part game

Let's test out your intelligence as well as wisdom in solving different types of puzzles and problems in Delete Puzzle: Erase One Part! Not only is this one of the most popular new gaming options from Abcya3 land but it's also the type suitable for all ages to enjoy. The gameplay rule is simple yet it will be progressing with difficulty to keep you hooked for days on end.

First, hop onto the levels and get used to the layout as well as the in-game setup. This game is all about testing your intelligence and logical problem-solving techniques. By breaking the problem on each level with a different scene, you can gain one score. The goal is to restore the scene by erasing or removing the extra parts that cause the problem. From saving the man from the shark to shaving and growing the flowers, use your critical thinking and smartness to win! At first, the challenge will be quite easy and obvious to solve, however, the difficulty level will slowly increase over time. Let's clear all of them and get your scores to the top of the chart!

Some boosters and bonus items that you can utilize for the cases in that you can't come up with a solution are the hints and the time. However, since they are limited in numbers, use them only when it's necessary. A good tactic shall get you through all these levels and win the game in no time! Enjoy this colorful animated game with a cool cartoon theme and share more games from the same collection such as Frog Jump and Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online with your family! The summer fun gaming time is going to be excellent with us for sure!

Instruction keys: Use the mouse and drag to clear out the image parts.

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