Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online game

If you have been a die-hard fan of puzzle games requiring a bit of interaction, a little feature of brainstorming, and some tough layout, this new game of Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online will be a perfect choice for your next gaming session! Here at ABCya game 4 kids, this game has been generated with the best gameplay, fun interaction, and storyline, lots of challenging levels, and colorful animation.

Your most important objective here will be to reach the exit doors safely in order to move next to the upcoming levels. On your route, another crucial task is to gather as many coins as possible after cutting the rope. As the coins shall be the in-game currency and the rating of your performance, make sure to try hard to gather the most possible. The players on the top of the Leaderboard all have a lot of coins stacking up on their basket thanks to the smart cutting position. You have to cut off the rope to release the monster to the safe position while assisting in the work of gathering coins. Let's start the game and dash through the variety of stages to see how far you can reach with your talent!

Keep the spirit and skills strong while going forward because the layout and number of obstacles shall be increasing, which makes it much harder to find the right spot for cutting. One single wrong slice on the rope shall release the monsters on the more dangerous side of the platform. Don't land on the spiky wheels, deadly fire holes, or gaps, or else the character will stop the adventure at once!


Use the arrows or WASD to move and jump.

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