Downhill Chill game

Race downhill in this ABCya3 free game called Downhill Chill and learn how to be the first to reach the finishing line. It's a racing game with a winter theme and a cool graphic with lots and lots of snow. In order to crack this adventure, you will need to utilize all your knowledge and technique when it comes to such tough terrain. It's a mountainous area with snow cover to make it both slippery and steep for a newbie.

You will learn how to control the movement of the skier and ride down the path. While riding down, make flips, perform front and backflips with tons of stunt tricks to earn more bonuses and coins along the way. Using those at the store to purchase new skins, upgrades and knock down more competitors in the harder races later. More challenging levels will keep coming in as long as you can unlock them. At the end of a few bases, you will need to prepare for an intense boss fight. In these fights, you go head to head with a strange creature or a snow monster that will be quite a difficult challenge to proceed. Let's start hopping into this game with its 3D graphics and the most soothing background music to go with the winter sceneries!

We can guide you through with a simple tutorial at the beginning of the game. Once it starts, you can choose the starting momentum by stopping the parameter at the required spots. Different colored marks will give you different momentum forces, therefore, stop it at the best timing!

How to play:

Click using the right button and drag the mouse cursor to move the character.

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