Dr Green Alien 2 game

If you think that Dr. Green Alien’s adventure is over, then you are wrong. It’s not finished yet. That’s why the little cute green alien is back in the second episode of the adventure series called Dr Green Alien 2. Here, your task is to guide him to pass all obstacles and deadly traps to collect every single toxic waste barrel. You have succeeded in the first episode, then nothing can stop you from finishing the next mission this time.

So, what you have to do here is the same as the previous adventure. However, things become more challenging. You and your little alien will face more obstacles and those obstacles are more dangerous. The alien can make a single jump or a double jump to pass the obstacles. The alien has only one life. He hits an obstacle and he dies. As a result, that level should be restarted. He can’t get an extra life during the game. Time is unlimited and the game doesn’t require you to finish each level within any limitation. So, play slowly but steadily.

Do not rush because the alien’s life can be put at risk if everything goes too fast. You guys will come from the orange area to the blue one. A level is considered finished when all barrels are collected and the alien reaches the blue area. The first episode doesn’t link to the second one. So, you don’t have to play episode 1 in order to play episode 2 but if you want, you can find it and play it at https://abcya3games.net/ along with tons of amazing games for 2 players.

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