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It’s summer and it’s time to do business. Open a drink counter on the beach and welcome all tourists with tasty and stunning cocktails. In Drink Master at ABCya puzzle games, you’re a bartender and the game challenges your skills in pouring beer, liquor, and other kinds of drinks into the glasses. You will see a line in each glass and a level is clear when you pour a drink into the glass that hits the line or below the line within a given time. Yes, you have to fill a certain number of glasses in a certain amount of time at each level.

You fail because of 2 reasons. Firstly, you pour a drink over that line. Secondly, time runs out and you haven’t filled all the glasses yet. Sometimes, you need to mix beverages. As a real drink master, you have to pour the right mix of beverages as well. Here, like other level-based games, the level of difficulty will be significantly increasing. You must be faster and make some complicated drinks for your customers. For example, you make to make a cocktail with 2 or 3 layers and you have to pour drinks in the right order to make the right layers as your customer ordered.

Can you do it? More challenges await you ahead. You can’t hire anyone or collect any boosters to help you. Rely on yourself to finish this challenge. Over time, your skills will increase and nothing can stop you to grab the title of drink master.


Mouse or finger.

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