Pancake Tower 3D game

Do you know how to make pancakes? Don’t worry if you’re not good at cooking because pancakes are ready to serve in Pancake Tower 3D at Abcya3 cooking games. This is a fun arcade 3D game about stacking pancakes. Your main goal is to stack as many pancakes as possible to reach the highest level of scores at the end of each level. A lot of pancakes and slices of fruits are placed on the road along with a wide range of obstacles and traps. You have to move your dish to the left and right accordingly to avoid crashing into obstacles and collect pancakes as well as fruits.

Once you hit an obstacle, your stack of pancakes will fall and you have to start stacking pancakes from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you collect pancakes or fruit, you just need to build the tallest tower of fruit and pancakes. That’s it. Of course, it’s ok if you build a tower that isn’t very high, and finally, you reach a level of score that isn’t very high but it’s much better if you build a sky-high pancake building and get the highest score. Unlike other games that have the same gameplay at in which you can’t control your character fully, here, you can stop moving.

It’s an idea to stop in front of an obstacle. It’s important to protect your pancake tower from any obstacles. You will lose all pancakes when you hit an obstacle instead of some of them; therefore, right from the beginning, you need to be careful. There is a secret that you should know. A special guest is waiting for your pancake at the highest level of score. Can you serve him tasty pancakes? Check out more fun games such as Coffee Puzzle and High Pizza.

How to play: Mouse or touch.

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