Drunken Boxing: Ultimate game

This updated version of Drunken Boxing will be the ideal choice for your playtime if you've played the other games in the Drunken games series at ABCya for kids. You'll need to pick the right moment to punch in addition to remaining inside the perimeter while dodging the continuous attack waves. The winning party will be determined by blows in a fight between two drunk boxers!

This arena is exclusively designed for aggressive players who are capable of punching while being under the pressure of your opponent. Once both players start stepping foot on the ring, the game starts immediately, therefore, it's best if you stay focus from the beginning of the game to avoid unwanted hits. One of the statistics that you need to keep an eye on during the match in this game from https://abcya3games.net// is the energy bar. If depleted, your character will not be able to move and may suffer from the attacks. Done damage will show on the energy bar so that the game is over if one of the two energy bars runs out.

Test out your speed while being under attack and deliver the strongest punches ever! can be controlled by the players as this ABCya fighting game comes with 2 options for 1 or 2 players at the same time! Test out your speed while being under attack and deliver the strongest punches ever!

If you are good with scoring, a total of 5 successful punches will be able to grant you the title of the winning party regardless of time or energy bars. Another scenario for the end-game is when the time runs out, yet none of the players has managed to knock out the other. Freely select your suitable game mode among the two choices: 1P and 2P, each with its unique rules and mechanism for calculating scores!


Player 1 moves with WASD keys,

Player 2 moves using arrow keys. For mobile and tablet users, you can play using the touchpad or by tapping on the screen.

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