Enchanted Waters game

Hop over the Enchanted Waters of our new maze runner-themed game here at ABCya land and showcase your talent in timing estimation and character control! This new game comes with smooth animation, cool graphics, and an amazing color palette from the in-game design. You will participate in the riveting maze running challenge, in which the main goal is to make it to the other side of the maze without falling into the water. Among the tiles, there will be scattered gaps and holes to make the journey harder.

You will control the main character, and move through the platform with finesse and carefulness to reach the other side unharmed. Keep in mind that time is of the essence because it's all about choosing the right time to hop. One wrong step can cause you to fall into the endless lake and the game shall be over immediately! The key point is to stay on the dry ground for as long as possible without any contact with the underneath water body. Let's see what your highest result and record shall be!

Learn how to time your jumps perfectly after a few trials so that you can not only master the art of getting through the maze without plummeting into the water but also manage to gather the coins on the floating platform too. There are plenty of methods to win over this gaming selection, but which to utilize is entirely up to you! Conquer more fun games with a diverse range of genres like Congested Car Parking and Sir Knight will enrich your gaming experience, so don't hesitate to take a look as they are all for free on our website of abcya adventure !

Controlling keys: Click the left mouse button or tap on the touchpad to make the character hop.

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