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Getting from A to B is not easy, especially for a rag-doll. In a physical-based game called Fail Run, you have to help your character walk to the finish line safely. Can you manage to do it? At abcYA3 , it sounds so easy and simple but only one step, you soon know how hard it is. Some first levels are designed to show you how to play but later on, things become challenging because all different kinds of difficulties and obstacles are waiting for you ahead. You may think that taking the big steps will help you reach your goal faster.

However, it will end up with you fall. Instead, let’s take small steps and keep balancing as you go. Slowly but steadily, it might take a bit longer but you will get to the end of a level easier. On ABCya for kids, you don’t have to make the whole body of your rag-doll pass the finish line. Just the head or one leg passes the finish line and you can move to the next stage. One useful tip you may want to put into your pocket is that when the rag-doll approaches closely to the finish line, keep tapping or clicking fastly to cross the finish line. Apply that tip when you can’t keep the balance as well. It works sometimes. How to take steps properly? This question isn’t easy to answer.

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However, you can find out the answer as you play and advance in the game. Just stop a second to regain your equilibrium. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level within a given time. Break a leg and enjoy more fun games on our site. Some of the great choices are Super Stickman Fight and Stickman Archer Adventure.


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