Stickman Archer Adventure game

Stickman Archer Adventure opens a new journey in a great shooting game. This is an action game based on bow, arrow, rope, archer, and stickman. Learn how to be a good archer. If you look for a game of bow and arrow to join in your spare time, you will choose this game world of the stickman. Look at the hanging stickman. You have to shoot the bow to hit the rope so that they fall to the stars.

Collect enough stars to pass each level with a limited number of arrows. Use your online gaming tips to join this bow and arrow game. You can completely increase or decrease your archery power to win the game. Any player will love and have the opportunity to pass the journey that we have chosen. Are you ready to expand the world of your favorite game today? Many new games are introduced to players around the world. The latest games at are different from other websites. You cannot find them anywhere else.

Join the latest games on many topics that we recommend for players to relax after every hour of intense study. If you fail, rejoin that level to complete the mission excellently. This game attracts many online players to join and conquer new journeys. Every player loves the list of online games they find and share with other players. Shoot the ropes and complete your part. Move the direction of the common name most appropriately in this journey.

Controls game:

Use the left mouse button to move the arrows after you have selected the right speed.

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