Fashion Holic game

Fashion Holic is for girls who love fashion games with different styles and complete pictures to earn money from likes. This is where you can live the life of a fashionista and enjoy great moments. Earn money and buy new outfits at ABCya 3. Help our beautiful girl choose the right outfit for every occasion and make an impact on fans all over the world. The game suggests many styles for online players. Share your new fashion combinations with countless other players. Are you ready to be a good player on this journey?

Unlock costumes with new styles that you have never found in any game. Who will become a good player with great design styles? Complete our favorite online game with new fashion choices. Players will love every version of the game. Are you ready to incorporate new outfits and accessories into your wardrobe? Update your wardrobe with hundreds of new designs. Through each turn, the player will unlock different fashion products and choose how to participate to complete the fashion collection. Give us a good play on this journey. Players love the online gaming world we have. Complete every challenge with fashion skills. You have the opportunity to become a talented designer with a new journey. Share our gameplay with friends. Who will be a good player today? Enjoy shopping for tons of new outfits. They have different values. Earn money based on the photos you post. What is the most money you have today?


Use the left mouse button to choose a new fashion style

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Gameloft SE

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Dress up



Make up

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