Fish Resort game

Fish Resort is a fun game of taking care of a fish tank, feeding the fish, giving them their medicine and selling some units. Each action gives you money and experience. With the experience (stars) you will be able to level up and increase the size of your fish tank, which will hold more fish, but you will have more work. With money, you can buy more fish and speed up some actions to go faster. Observe what each fish needs, and click to feed and take care of your fish. Observe the food they need and keep your store full of food of each type.

In this game, you can operate your aquarium as a fish hotel. You should add fish to your aquarium, look after their needs, and sell them when they are big enough to open room for new fish. You start the game with a single fish species available. As you level up, you can unlock the rest. 

Jump into this interesting and attractive puzzle game now. If you want to play more with some related games, check out Boing Bang Adventure Lite and Spooky Sort It. I hope that you will have a great time in life. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family to laugh together.

Game controls: You can use your mouse to play.

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