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Fishing 3 Online is a fabulous puzzle game in which you help a fish get water. Look at its name and you may think this is a fishing game, right? It has different gameplay from other games about fish at ABCya 3. You won’t use a rod or fishing net to catch fish here. Instead, you have to solve 24 challenging puzzles. Each puzzle requires you to find a way to lead water to a little fish. The fish can be under the ground or inside a fish tank. As soon as the fish gets enough water, your mission is complete.

When water flows through three stars, you get those stars. Do you see the heart symbol at the top of the screen? To start a level or restart a level, you need to spend one heart. You have only three hearts and you can refill these hearts by watching an ad. There is no other way for you to earn hearts. Like any level-based games, you will deal with a more challenging puzzle when you level up. It means the first level may be the easiest one and the final level may be the hardest one. Because there are only 3 hearts, you should plan your move before taking action. Manage to finish a level with one heart.

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The later levels will challenge you with a new mechanic of the puzzle. It means you do not always dig the ground. You may have to catch water and so on. This brings you a new gaming experience each time. Enjoy your free time here and if you are looking for more fun games to enjoy in your spare time, here are some options for you Merge Blast and How many: Quiz game game.



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