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"How Many - Trivia Game is the ultimate brainy challenge that will leave you exposed to the world of word games and brain games! Test your IQ with mind-boggling trivia and brain tests. Unravel puzzles, stack knowledge, and embark on an offline journey of excitement! How many can win this game? This is the most entertaining trivia game ever

Challenge yourself with how smart you are. The rules are simple, guess the closest answer or get eaten by a shark or boiled in the hot water! Carefully read the quiz questions and type the correct answer on the board. Every win will let you proceed to a different league and compete with different people. Guess it right so you can watch your rivals being eaten by sharks!

How to play:

To play, you would need to type your answer on an interactive board after reading each quiz question. Guess the closest answer to survive. Every correct answer allows you to advance through various leagues, bringing more complex questions and opponents along the way. Keep an eye on your rivals as they may get eaten by sharks if they make a mistake!

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