Fit Balls game

Fit Balls is a fun and addictive puzzle game. Pour the ball into the jar,Put all the balls fit in the jar without crossing the top lane to win in this game.Ball overflowed, mission failed.

Enjoy the satisfaction of pouring balls of all sizes to fill the huge jar in this new ABCya3 free game with the name of Fit Balls! The rules of this gameplay are unique and might sound easy at first. However, once you start the first level, you will find that the task of filling up the jar to the brim is not as easy as it appears. For each stage, you will get a limited number of balls that are separated base on sizes in different jars. Since the number is limited, you need to calculate and pour the ball of the right size into the jar.

Deciding the order and which ball to put in first will be crucial to stacking them up. If you choose the wrong order, the gravity might pull the balls downward. Reaching the dotted line on the top of the jar is one challenge, but keeping the ball from overflowing is another hard task. If any of the balls cross the top lane, your hard work will be over as it's not qualified. It's best to make sure that you keep track of the remaining balls to adjust and improvise in time to avoid running out of resources.

This fun game comes with a bright and colorful set of layout, graphic designs, and ball pieces for you to freely emerge in it as well as to share with your friends for a blasting playtime! The higher the level, the harder it is to fill the jar as you will get fewer balls. Huge balls should be at the bottom as the baseline, and smaller ones tend to fall so you should place them neatly. If there's any other tip for winning this game, let's share with more friends online!


Click to release the colored balls.

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