Foxy Land game

Take this trip to explore the world of Foxy Land where you will support the little fox to get his lover back from the evilest Eagle in the kingdom! The Evil Eagle has stolen Fox's love and keeps her captured in his lair. Would you have what it takes to overcome all these deadly traps, spiky holes, and plenty of attacking animals to reach the girls' location? Your main task in this ABCya3 free game is to help this little fox on the quest to survive different setups of obstacles along his path.

From the big holes, and spike-filled gaps to the minions of eagles and other dangerous items that might cause hindrance to the fox's journey, you will be the one to deal with all of them! First, learn how you can overcome the obstacles, from the easy ones to the harder ones. Once you have mastered the rules of movement and the mechanism, it's time to shine and guide him. Don't forget to collect more diamonds and scattered berries or cherries on your path. Could you see the top bars on the screen that demonstrate your current pace of movement or the gained number of cherries and diamonds?

If you manage to fill up all the bars on each stage, you will easily gain top scores to compete on the Leaderboard for sure! Look out for strange animals in the forest which has escaped from traps. They could either be your friends or the Eagle's enemies, which means they will prevent you from reaching your goal for sure. Two main elements contributing to your victory chance in this game will be the perfect timing in jumping and grabbing the cherries as well as the diamonds.


Use the WASD key set to run and move around.

Jump using the spacebar.

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Stickman vs Monster School Team

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