Speedrun platformer game

Set a new world record by touching the buttons to become at the top of the world speed racing leaderboard. Welcome to the online game Speedrun Platformer. You will participate in the fast-running game. The golden trophies are waiting for the candidates. You will play strong and agile to achieve your goal. Very simple task, show your technique in this game. Lock all other opponents and rank in the game behind.

Embark on a journey of adventurous touches to win 1st place on the leaderboard. Complete the deadly challenge with traps. Find the secret. What are you waiting for? Indulge in some adventure and become a hero by joining the online game Speedrun Platformer at Abcya3games.net. You will use your very fast movement to start this game. The paths that move up and down can make you more difficult. Test your agility. Together we will conquer all challenges. The little hero will bring the golden trophy back to their territory. Be worthy of everyone's trust. But you will play and notice the traps around. It will destroy you. Accept those challenges to go further.

Complete many levels and become the best player. You will be listed in interesting rankings. Vivid graphic design will captivate you. You will use your mobility to get started with this game. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your agility. What are you waiting for? Who will the gold cup go to? Are you sure you can do that? I believe in your ability.


Use arrow keys to play the game.

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Stickman vs Monster School Team

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