Grinch Chase Santa game

Help Santa cross the streets and collect rewards at Grinch Chase Santa. Make risky moves and complete this game. Santa needs your help in his Christmas journey. Are you ready to help him move through every position? Take advantage of your online gaming capabilities to join our games. Any player has the opportunity to unlock the levels and reach the end of the path. What is your favorite game in particular? Save Christmas games to your online playlist and discover new worlds without spending much time searching.

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Santa is delighted with your help with his job. Unlock new paths and discover a ton of fun that we have selected for players. Who will join this special game space? Enjoy your time at the website. You no longer waste time searching for different ways to play like on many other websites. Experience the new themed games you love now. Multiplayer is ready for new ways of playing.

How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move

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