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Harvest Honors is a fun and challenging turn-based match 3 puzzle game that differs from other choices of the same genre at https://abcya3games.net/ because you can compete against a real player who can be your friend or a random player. Your ultimate goal is to collect 100 carrots faster than your opponent to win a match. To do it, you create rows and columns of 3 or more of the same item by swapping items that are next to each other. If you create a row or column of more than 4 items, you get an extra turn. Your and your opponent has 15 seconds per turn.

If 15 seconds are over, the game will automatically swap 2 random items. If you do a wrong move, 3 carrots will be deducted from your storage and your opponent will get those carrots. If you miss 3 turns in a row, you lose, and your opponent auto-wins. You will have some special farming abilities once you collect enough items as required. Once you’ve collected them, you can either swap items or pend your turn using an ability. This game features 4 power-ups to help you reach your goal easier. They are Harvest Helper, Farmer’s Market, Plow Power, and Carrot Armor. You can buy bonus abilities in the store using coins.

Use them at the right moment and you will gain a lot of advantages, even turn the tile of the match. Win a match depends on your strategy and luck. The best thing about this game definitely is the online feature. This makes the match-3 game more competitive and enjoyable.


Touch or mouse to swap items.

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