Xmasjong game

Have fun with Xmasjong, testing your intelligence in a classic board game of Chinese origin, with which you will have the opportunity to relax during this Christmas. Join the tiles in pairs of exactly the same pictures until they disappear completely, making sure that there is not a single obstacle in the way. Are you ready to empty the game board?

It seems like a simple task, but be careful! You'll have to find the right order to join and remove the tiles, because a wrong move can prevent you from moving forward, so choose your moves wisely and don't waste them or you'll be left without them! Look at the board carefully, test your intelligence and use some hints if you feel stuck. Good luck!

How to play:

The controls of Xmasjong are simple - all you need is your mouse. Click on identical tiles to match them together and remove them from the game field. The aim is to uncover all the tiles below and reveal neat little presents. These gifts are automatically placed on or under the Christmas tree.

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