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Welcome to the online game Hex Takeover at ABCya3 games. All new things will be reproduced in this game. Don't hesitate to show off all your skills. Let's play together to be able to shine. To win this game. You need to follow the rules of the game. Are you ready to get started now? Everything was prepared very carefully. What is the goal of the game? The more empty cells you conquer, the more you will win. You will play against your opponent.

You will be the yellow bear character, and the opponent will be the red octopus. During your turn, click on the golden bear icon, the boxes will show the corresponding yellow color. If the box is yellow, the bear will be able to jump into that box. You will play and gain experience for the following levels. Relax while playing, the rules of the game are as simple as that. You will jump over the yellow tiles and take over your opponent's territory. The more you manipulate and choose the right position, the more your territory is expanded.

Test your skills in the online game Hex Takeover. You will feel extremely excited. The game has another name is cloning the golden bears to cover all territories. Use useful jumps to conquer this game. The game has a lot of levels, how many levels will you pass? It all depends on your agility. Relaxing gameplay you will explore the map and encounter opponents.


Use your mouse to click on your tiles to choose your next move.

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Game Worthy Studios Inc.

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