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Hit the ball hard and accurately into the basket to help you pass the level and unlock more adventure games behind. This is a basketball game Jump Dunk 3D at ABCya3 just like a normal basketball game. But it has different gameplay that you need to control your character to jump on all the springs. Then take advantage of the opportunity to jump high and beautifully shoot accurately into the basket. You need to aim accurately if the ball does not fall into the basket then you need to continue this work of hitting the ball.

When you complete it, you can pass the most attractive level. You can unlock tons of levels behind. You can fight to make a race to throw the ball into the basket accurately. Take all the names of your opponents to see who becomes the fastest one. Try to think for yourself a high amount of money. This is a game you can play with your friends and have fun with fun gameplay. You will be completely conquered from the first play. When you pass all the levels you are sure to become the leader of the leaderboard with the highest score. It's great, isn't it?

Control your agile hands and perform a lot of skills in the game to help you reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Later on, there will be more and more opponents to confront you. Try your best to be at the top and not be defeated by your opponent. Why don't you invite your friends to participate in this new Jump Dunk 3D at ABCya game of basketball to find as much entertainment as possible.


Use the arrow keys to take your character to the highest jump.

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