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Ball Throw Fight is an interesting action game that will keep you hooked for a long time. Why? Because it features everything you are looking for in a cool game that helps you release stress and have a great gaming time. Here at abcya3, you are enjoying a great vacation on the beach but suddenly, you are being attacked by blue monsters. They come from nowhere and rush toward you.

On the beach, the only thing you have to defeat them is sand. So, roll wet sand to make a big ball, and roll the ball toward monsters to crush them. Don’t let them approach you too close. Otherwise, you will lose your life. It means that level should be restarted. Sand balls are your main weapon to kill monsters. However, some games also feature traps so that you can use them to kill zombies without rolling the ball through them directly. You need to activate those traps by throwing the ball through the button. Each trap can be used only one time.

You can make a fireball or a superpower ball as well. The bigger the ball, the more powerful it is and the more monsters can be killed. A superpower ball will be created when the ball symbol in the center of the screen is filled. The game also features some obstacles blocking your way. The ball can be blocked by them and as a result, you have to make another ball. Let’s bring the peace back to the beach and enjoy your vacation. Don’t let those monsters ruin your happy time.

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