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Just Farm is an interesting farm simulator game in which you play as a start-up farmer. Are you ready to become a farmer? You will start from two empty hands. In the beginning, you have small land, you buy and raise your very first sheep, collect wool and sell wool to make money and expand your farm. With the money that you earn from selling wool, you can buy more land and sheep. You can breed new breeds from two sheep.

This sheep will be more thoroughbred and its wool costs more. As you advance, you have to build a storage and pasture with other buildings that serve your farming. There are so many achievements and tasks with amazing rewards in the game. It’s not hard to complete those tasks. You can finish them while expanding your farm. This game is mainly about buying, growing, breeding sheep, collecting wool, and creating your dream pastures. However, as you advance, you will unlock new features that keep you hooked and spend more time on the game. It's one of the few games at abcya3 that allows you to save your progress and go back later.

Try to raise your sheep and breed new breeds to earn money and develop your farm better and better. Once again, complete all tasks and unlock more possibilities in every chapter. Don’t forget to upgrade the facilities and infrastructure on the farm. What kinds of farm do you want to build and how can you make it? Start working and the farm in your dream will come true.



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Brutal Dack Games

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