Labo 3D Maze game

Labo 3D Maze is an exciting game that you must play if you like something mysterious or escaping from something. At ABCya3 running games, there are 24 mazes filled with challenges, obstacles, and joy and 5 different characters. Your main objective is to escape from the maze at each level. You may wonder what is waiting for you in those mazes? Well, you will deal with a lot of traps before you can get out of the maze.

To escape, you have to collect all the golden keys. Just by collecting all the needed keys in that level and moving to the door, you complete that level. The game doesn’t require you to finish a level with a specific limitation. So just move slowly because you don’t know what kinds of traps are ahead and how to cope with them; therefore, move slowly and observe everything to find the way out and find the solution to deal with the trap. You don’t want to get lost in the maze, do you? You have 2 lives in each level.Each time you hit the trap, you lose a life. When you run out of 2 lives, you have to restart that level. Don’t forget to look at the minimap to know clearly where to go, where to get the keys, and where the door is. This mini-map helps you a lot. With the minimap, you hardly get lost. There is always have a solution to pass a trap. You need to interact with the surrounding objects to find the solution. Keep it in your mind and let’s go. You will never fail.


WASD or arrow keys to move. E to interact.

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