Super Brothers game

Super Brothers is a game where two young brothers are locked up in a beautiful fantasy world, trying to escape. It’s a 2D puzzle game where you will enjoy their adventure full of danger. Be sure to collect as many keys during your adventure, so that you will be later able to unlock the door, allowing the brothers to escape. Use different characters to get through obstacles such as water, sharp objects, etc. Finish each of the levels and help the brothers return back home.

In Super Brothers, you'll dive into an exciting adventure to aid two brothers caught in a mystical realm. This is a gripping 2D puzzle-platform game, where the brothers must overcome treacherous obstacles and solve intricate puzzles to find their way home. You'll navigate through environments filled with spikes, water hazards, and more while discovering keys to progress through each level.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to control the characters and the space bar to jump over obstacles or onto platforms. You can swap between characters to utilise their unique abilities in overcoming different challenges. Progress by finding keys that unlock doors leading you further throughout this mysterious world.

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