Lucky Toss 3D game

For the players looking for a simple game of arcade, enjoy this new gaming option of Lucky Toss 3D with neon-theme graphics, hilarious characters, and eye-catching design. You will control the hoops and make them fly over the room to reach the object shown on the screen in this ABCya kid game.

If the hoops can fall on the objects quickly, you gain more and more scores. The main element that decides who can win more turns in this game shall be a good estimation of force and direction. The gaming simulation will definitely bring tons of fun experiences to newbies as well thanks to the smooth movement of ring tossing and throwing! If you are up for a bit of a challenge, keep playing and try to conquer all the levels in this game because they get harder when you progress. As there is a 3D gaming layout, the players will find the movement of the ring loops more realistic and enjoyable to take control of. Take the boosters and claim more gold coins by watching some videos, or you can choose to move next with the given ones.

Let us give you a helpful tip if you are new to this game, as you will have to be flexible and get a grasp of the movement quickly. When you swipe to dispatch the hoops, make sure to stop at a suitable point before releasing the force. Now, dive into more exciting and equally challenging games such as Fish Eat Getting Big and X2 Solitaire Merge: 2048 Cards for a training session of throwing! Since all the games from are available for free, you can just create your unique gaming basket filled with your favorite options!

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse upward following the arrow sign to release the hoops.

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