Master of Donuts game

How long will it take for you to stack the donuts here at Master Of Donuts - a new game of ABCya3 games with the most elevated stacks filled with donuts? The delicious donuts are stacked up on plenty of high poles with flavors all mixed up. Your mission in this game will be to reorganize the donuts and make sure that each stack consists of one flavor only. The only player who manages to clear out all the levels within the recorded short time will be on top of the ranking board.

If you can sort out the donuts by flavors and colors, you will easily feel the taste of victory on your tongue! Keep your focus and start removing the distinguished donuts on the tops of the poles one by one. Decide from the beginning of the game which pole you want to remove first. Then, start to come up with a strategy for how you plan to organize each flavor. This game is all about arranging and organizing a mixed-up collection of donuts. Your main task is to choose the donuts to remove and make sure that at the end of the sequence, each pole has one flavor.

This game will be quite an interesting theme and style of challenge that you can conquer with your friends anytime that you like! Do you know that our free collection of games here consists of the best gaming selection from all genres and themes as well? Conquer them with your unique skill sets and enhance your gaming technique to become the top players of all games with recorded time!


Click to move the donuts.

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