Millionaire: Trivia Game Show game

Millionaire: Trivia Game Show online game is a game that tests the knowledge of players. From simple to complex knowledge. You will go through a lot of quizzes to prove your understanding of the fields. Here to test your wisdom and knowledge. The game consists of 15 questions, but you have 4 helpers for you to complete on your way. Put all the random facts and quizzes you have collected over the years to good use and choose the correct answer from the four answers until you reach the final question and turn your efforts into more money.

Remember that in the end your wisdom and knowledge are the keys to success. So the real question is are you at the top? Similar simulation game with knowledge contests and a top prize of one million dollars. You will start right now in the online game Millionaire: Trivia Game Show at You need to conquer more and more questions to reach the top. You will try your hand at simple to more difficult questions. However, some questions are simple for you but difficult for others. Because it synthesizes knowledge of many subjects.

A person's vast understanding is reflected in the knowledge they have gathered. To be able to play successfully in this game, you need to have a great deal of knowledge and use the appropriate help rights. Attractive rich gameplay will give players a lot of experience. Do you want to test your intelligence further?


Use a mouse or touch screen

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