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Welcome to Move The Pin online game at You will feel a lot of fun and novelty while playing this game. You will solve puzzles with attractive colorful balls. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Join the game now? We will be able to completely control the game. Find the rules in this game and you will enjoy it. This is a game where you need to push the pegs back to help the colored balls collect the gray balls to make them also colored and go into the transparent jar.

The task is very simple, change the color of the gray balls so that it is the same color as the current balls. When they are of the same color, you will make them fall under the completed jar and level. Want the gray balls to change color, what do you need to do? Unscrew the pegs of the gray ball so that they come into contact with the multicolored balls. When they have become a fused mass, then pour it into the jar below.

Enjoy the online game Move The Pin now. You will have the opportunity to test your mind. Later levels will present more difficult puzzles. You will solve all those fun puzzles with ease. The crux of the game is completely discoverable. These rules will apply at different levels. You need to be skillful to complete that task. Eye-catching graphics, simple gameplay. You can experience many fascinating things.


Use your mouse or touch the screen to draw the pins.

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