Parking Way game

Parking Way is a parking puzzle adventure game like no other. Your goal is to draw path leading the car into the parking space. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you navigate through challenging parking lots in a quest to escape. Maneuver your vehicle through tight spaces, avoid obstacles, and find the perfect exit strategy!

Each car has a color and you should park them to the space in the same color as the car. To do that, simply draw a line with your mouse from the car to the parking spot. But be careful! You should avoid any obstacles or the car will crash and you'll have to start again. In some levels, you will see boxes and crates. You can draw a line for the tractor to remove those. You also have to collect all the stars in a level. If the first lines you've drawn didn't work out, you can draw them again. How many levels can you complete?

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Instruction to play: You can use your mouse to play!

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