SmileyWorld Match game

Smileyworld Match is a new dynamic gaming zone for fans of puzzling and matching games! Hop into this virtual game from ABCya-3 where you will be facing tons of hilarious settings with a variety of challenges! You can win levels one by one using your techniques in collecting items by swapping the smileys' positions. As there will be lots of items with a similar theme, yet placed far away from each other, your job will be to simply exchange the positions of the ones that are close by. Once you manage to create a line filled with three or more matching items, it'll be automatically collected for scoring!

Repeat this move constantly to gather enough items as you are requested. Complete more and more missions with increasing intensity and difficulty while moving on to the next level of this cheerful puzzle game. There will be the appearance of more items adding to the board to make it harder to search for a match. From fishes, meat, fruit, nuts, and others, can you line them all up beside the matching icons? Learn how to snap the candy laces and turn the sweets to drop them to the bottom of the board.

As long as you follow the icon list on the map, you will be able to know what to collect on each level. Any available neighboring slot next to a potential set can be yours to score! If you can move one piece and create a combination of three or even more, the highest scores will be yours. New icons keep tumbling down and stacking up as you progress, so stay focused.

How to play:

Click and drag the mouse to choose the piece and move it.

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