Pinball Brick Mania game

Pinball Brick Mania brings your latest choice for a simple yet classic arcade fun game with the old-school theme of ball shooting. Here at ABCya game for kids, you will get to emerge in the most intense ball shooting platform where the pinball is your tool. Hit the PinBall and make it move so as to take over this interesting arcade game mode!

There will be unlimited fun and excitement for keeping up with the other high scores in this Realistic Ball physics. Utilize the law of physics in the work of maneuvering the pinball and keep adding more stacks to the ball stack. You can target the plus icon to add a booster and get more scores. The more plus icons you can hit, the faster your stack will fill up. Just keep in mind that you also have to use the pinball to both claim more scores and smash all the available blocks before it builds up and hits the top. Keep the stack from the upper edge of the board and you can continue the game. Can you spot the randomly numbered blocks?

Upon hitting these with your pinball, you can gain the exact number of blocks as noted on the blocks. Those will help in the process of building up your scores much faster than the usual ones. Let's see how long it takes for you to claim the new record in this game of Pinball Brick Mania from! Alongside this option, there are plenty of similar-themed games with diverse settings, unique platforms, and side-scrolling games of balls for you to explore such as Streamer Rush or Skibidi Fishing. Why don't you spread the fun with your close friends to have a blast?

How to play:

Click the left mouse and drag it to move the pinball and interact.

Mobile and tablet users can play with the touchpad.

Published by company:

Inlogic Software

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