Skibidi Fishing game

Skibidi Fishing is a fun arcade game with funny Skibidi fishing gameplay. Help Skibidi to catch the magic treasure at the bottom of the sea. You need to collect fish, shoot him, and earn coins to upgrade your fishing gear. Buy new upgrades in the game store.

Some monsters managed to meet each other in the gaming space and even became friends. This is not a pure sincere friendship, but in any case they are now able to cooperate to achieve common goals. So in the game Skibidi Fishing you will see a new tandem of Skibidi toilet and blue Huggy Waggy. The toilet monster found out that there is a treasure chest at the bottom of the lake and decides to get it, but he only has a fishing rod and a gun, and these tools will not help you get to the bottom, and even return with the loot. Huggy has a store right there where you can buy all the necessary equipment, but he is not going to help for nothing, but only for money, but at the same time he is ready to buy the fish he catches. You will help Skibidi with fishing and even hunting.

Throw a hook into the water and, by controlling it, catch small fish, you can catch more than one at a time. After that, you pull them out and launch them into the air, and then you need to hit them with a gun. For this you will receive gold coins from the blue monster. When you have enough money, you can buy upgrades for gear and weapons in his store. This will allow the hook to be lowered deeper, and the fishing line will be able to withstand a large load, and then there will be a chance to get a treasure chest in the game Skibidi Fishing.

How to play:

Use the mouse or touch controls to drop the rod and grab fish up, shooting them in the sky and tapping on them to get coins in return, coins that you can use for new rods, new skins, and awesome upgrades from the shop.

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