Pop Blocks game

How good are your skills when it comes to selecting the right tiles and clearing the board? This new ABCya3 game Pop Blocks will be a good way to exercise a bit of interaction as well as the ability to solve colorful puzzle boards. Thanks to the simple tutorial from the in-game section, kids of all ages can learn the basics of the game quickly and emerge in the fun theme! The gameplay is simple but filled with unexpected twists and challenges popping up from time to time. It's all about matching two or more items with a similar color scheme on the main board.

Destroy them by choosing them for removal and continue with newly filled blocks. Despite the easy game mechanism, you will need to master the usage of not only the tiles but also the variety of booster items. This list shall assist you in unlocking the new levels soon enough! The rocket pops up when you manage to clear a group of 5 at the same time. This destroys any vertical and horizontal rows on the screen, helping to clear up the board for more space. The bomb - which removes nine close-by items, can be achieved with a set of six similar blocks.

Do your best to conquer nine or more items to gain access to the pinwheel bonus item! This might be considered one of the most valuable assistance in the game thanks to its ability to destroy the tiles with the same colors in the whole board. Moreover, the neutral ball - which moves from one place to another when the objects near it fall - can also bring more advantages to your match. There are plenty of ways you can arrange these bonuses and crack the game at https://abcya3games.net/!


Click and move the mouse to play.

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