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Sheep N Sheep is a challenging yet addicting match-3 puzzle game. However, its gameplay is quite different from other match-3 puzzle games that you have played at ABCya-3. You will soon find out this game is super hard as there was a report that only about 0.1% of players were able to pass level 2 in the daily challenge mode. Can you? So, what you need to do is to match 3 identical items to eliminate them from the gameboard. There are 4 game modes for you to explore.

The first one is Daily Challenge mode. The second one is the level-based mode. The third one is Infinite mode and the final one is the Battle mode. In each mode, you have a special goal to reach. For example, in the Infinite mode, you want to survive as long as possible. The game ends only when you fail to match 3 identical items. In the Battle mode, you will compete against one online player in 1 minute. After 1 minute, the player who has a higher score is the winner. In the level-based mode, you have to remove all the tiles in each level to move to the next stage.

Do you see a bar with 7 slots at the bottom of the screen? Each time you click on an item, it will move to that bar. When the bar is filled up with items, the game ends. So, watch out for every move you make. Make sure that bar always has empty slots. You also have 3 hints to use if you get stuck. These hints are limited; therefore, just use them when you can’t find any solution to save you from being stuck.

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