Pretty Tiles game

Puzzle games always bring joy to players. In the online game Pretty Tiles, there are some big surprises and lots of fun that will make you excited. Do you know what that is? Discover the game now! We will go find the rules of this game. What's so special about cute jigsaw puzzles? This is not simply a puzzle game according to the old versions.

In this game, you will lift the pictures down a toolbar below, when you match three or more of the same pictures they will disappear. The difference is, when you take the wrong picture, it will still be on the toolbar and you need to keep looking for more pictures that are similar to it. Let it disappear and you will get a high score. Explore the Pretty Tiles online game with your friends right away at You'll keep doing this until all the pictures are linked together. The pictures that show the time you should link it first to score more score. Would you like to get started on that? We will feel honored and wonderful when we succeed.

All images will disappear and new levels will appear. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many points will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. You will conquer more difficult levels. Vivid graphic design, you will feel a lot of fun. Turn all those fun pictures away! The images of fruits and objects are all in vivid colors.

How to play:

Use mouse or touch screen to link.

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