Happy Connect game

Happy Connect is a classic puzzle game in which you have to move tiles so as to draw a continuous path connecting the starting circle to the finishing one. Some tiles are fixed and will be compulsory passages in your course. Happy Connect features dozens of levels of increasing difficulty.

This is a matching and connects game where you're trying to find symbols of the same color to connect to each other in a straight line or at a 90-degree angle. This version of the game is particularly challenging because it will be timed and it involves an overwhelming amount of tiles that players are forced to sift through. As you play you'll have to navigate so many different tiles that you will need to find strategies for coping. Somehow you need to figure out how to detect similarities amongst varied tiles extremely fast, correctly, and repeatedly. Search, click and repeat in this devastatingly fun game of tiles and pattern recognition. Compete against the clock and prove to yourself and everyone you know that your ability to make connections is second to none and faster than everyone.


Use your mouse to find and click various tiles on the board. Determine whether or not they are able to be connected at a 90-degree angle and then click to select them and make them go away.

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