Punch Bob game

Defeat your enemies in this fun platformer! In the blue corner, we have your hero weighing 500 pounds - his name is Punch Bob! He may not look like a typical hero, since he’s a bit overweight, and maybe has problems breathing while performing any demanding physical activity… but deep down inside he has the heart of a warrior! What’s his weapon you ask? Forget guns and ammo, he doesn’t need them! All he has to do is jump on top of his enemies. Your objective will be to aim him in the correct direction.

How To Play:

To play Punch Bob, you simply need to utilize your device's controls to navigate Bob through various levels. His job is to face off against enemies and use his inherent strength to defeat them all. Remember, every punch counts! The game's progress depends on your ability to win matches and proceed to higher level challenges.

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Simplicity Games

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