Rabbids Volcano Panic game

Rabbids Volcano Panic is a hot survival game at abcya3 in which you will compete against other online players in the crazy and chaotic survival competition. You are taken to the Rabbids Island and the volcano here is erupting. You and other 11 players will compete against each other to become the last survivor. There are 8 floors made of several tiles above the hot lava.

Your main goal is to stay alive as long as you can in each floor before you fall into the hot lava. To survive, you have to run around. Remember not to stay still. You have to move all the time. Otherwise, you will fall down soon. When you fall to the lower floor too soon, you will have many disadvantages compared to other players. Each time you and other players step on a tile, it will become weaker and soon break. That’s why you have to run and jump around. You will see some boxes scattered around the floor.

Quickly collect them to have some useful items that help you survive longer or help you trap your competitors. In this exciting game, you have to reach a rank of 10 to unlock new game modes. It’s really hard to be in top 10 though. It’s mostly up to your luck. At first, you may fail but the more you play, the better skills you have. You will know how to handle and overcome the challenging situations. It’s so much fun to join this battle without weapons.

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Mouse or arrow keys.

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