Rabbit Samurai 2 game

Exciting adventures of the lovely rabbit in the rich forest in the online game Rabbit Samurai 2. You will have a fascinating adventure with rabbits and bees. Are you ready to start these games? Enjoy a lot of fun when coming to this game. Grappling hook platform game. Adventure for boys and girls of all ages. Find the lost bees in the forest and bring them back to the beekeeper. Collect carrots and secret crystals. 300 carrots will unlock the hidden running level.

Use the string to roll the rabbit ball. You will feel very interesting. Do you want to start with something fun? The funny adventure will make you feel even more fun. We will try to reach the finish line with the most difficult levels. Play in a forest with a secret base. The underground bites will require the rabbit to move accurately to pass. Feel the joy as much as you can. Conquer all the challenges by participating in the online game Rabbit Samurai 2 at https://abcya3games.net/. Are you ready to do it? What are the rules of the game?

Use the mouse to select vantage points and the rabbit will follow the rope to reach. Just like that, the acrobat came to every place in the base and collected carrots. The more you collect, the faster you will reach the destination and get a high score. Each level will gradually increase the challenge. The last level will be much more difficult. You win with those challenges.


Use mouse or arrows to launch grappling hook. On mobile, just tap anywhere to start playing.

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