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Strange things keep happening in this world and people need to get used to it. In this game Rachel Holmes at https://abcya3games.net/ they will train you to be the best observation skill. Because this is a game of find the differences. Someone has taken pictures in different places and they have asked you to look for the differences. Appear in these two pictures. The two pictures are placed side by side so it is not easy to see. Because its images are similar only a few points are different. What do you need to do now?

The first thing you need to do is observe. Look around the picture and find things that the next picture has nothing in common with. Tap then the game will tell you if your answer is right or wrong. The game will ask for the number of differences that you need to find. For example, you need to find 5 differences to win the game. This is a game that requires no time. You no longer have to worry too much. Just focus on the gameplay and you can already tell the difference. While viewing thousands of photos and competing with different detectives.

You can go around the world and find all the differences the game has to offer you online. To solve all these mysteries. Hurry up everyone wants to be the best and get the highest score. Whether you are one of them depends on your smart brain. Be careful in comparing two pictures. Because if you get it wrong, you can't win. Invite your friends to join the game Rachel Holmes at abcya3 puzzle games so you can exercise your brain.


Use the mouse to have fun.

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