River Adventure game

Boat adventure games will bring players a lot of fun feeling. You do not miss the opportunity to join the online game River Adventure at ABCya-3. You will conquer a lot of joy and happiness. Together we will discover many interesting things. What are you waiting for? Start right now! You will experience a lot of new things. Together we will conquer many of the challenges of this game. Take a boat tour with River Adventure, the fast-paced game.

Avoid rocks and get your boat safely down the stream. Hop in your canoe and face the challenges of the unforgiving river in River Adventure. You have to survive this ride, so be careful and pay attention to the screen. From rocks to logs, the river's surface is littered with all sorts of objects. Change your direction to avoid hitting the obstacles. Time your moves accurately and collect as many diamonds as you can to unlock different character models.

Complete missions to collect more diamonds! Enjoy all the fun of playing River Adventure online 9 different characters to unlock 30 different missions to complete the challenging and addictive gameplay. Colorful 2D graphics. Control your character across the river. Watch for obstacles like rocks and logs. Collect diamonds to unlock different characters and complete missions. Will you do well on this mission? Play now! You will have a lot more interesting experiences. Together we will conquer. If you love this game.

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Use mouse or phone touch to play.

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