Saguaro game

Are you ready to join this new adventure alongside our popular character Saguaro, a Mexican cactus, to reach the furthest point in the desert of Abcya3 Land? The goal is to enjoy this jogging trip without hitting any of his balloon friends as they pop up on the route. It'll be extremely hard and requires some advanced controlling skills due to the cactus movement. You can change the direction of Saguaro's moves by clicking on the screen, however, he will only move up and down.

Once you spot another balloon, either change the direction or move slightly off to avoid them as long as you can. For each accident hit on a balloon, the players will lose one of their beloved items from the basket. It could be any of your accessories that you managed to gain, such as the hat or one of the maracas. This means that you need to focus on the most important task of this game to make sure that your score is intact. Don't worry if you have been colliding too many times! There will be some chances for you to restore your lives using the glowing maracas collected from the road.

More and more balloons shall pop up on the route when you reach further checkpoints in the game, therefore, make sure that you can limit the number of collisions. Don't forget to check out the Leaderboard to see if your ranking shall be the highest of them all! If you are ready for more different types of games, spread the experience with other genres such as Sir Knight and Enchanted Waters in our new game collection of ABCya adventure games. Maneuver Saguaro with finesse and utmost precise movement to claim victory!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse click or touchpad to change the direction.

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Catom Games

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