Save My Pumpkin game

“Save My Pumpkin” is the second version of the popular game that has a Halloween theme and has made all the kids in the world fall in love with it. The gameplay consists of rescuing a creepy pumpkin with the help of drawing, which is in trouble. To test your drawing skills and create key resistances around the pumpkin, all you need to do is be careful and quick, because it is in great danger. Ready to save the spooky? Then let’s start!

Step into the realm of thrills and chills with Save My Pumpkin, an enchanting game that promises to make your Halloween season more exciting than ever! This captivating game challenges players to protect a vulnerable pumpkin from attacking bats that emerge from a boiling pot, controlled by the wicked witch. Using the mouse or touch controls, draw protective barriers around the pumpkin, ensuring its safety until the 10 seconds are up.

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How to play: Tap to jump.

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Orosula Games

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