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Recently, we have often seen this actress on the red carpet, where she showcases form-fitting outfits from famous designers and shows her perfect figure. But, in fact, she is a very versatile girl.
Actress has been dancing since childhood. At the age of 8, she was a member of the hip-hop troupe of the California Theater, where her mother worked. She began to go to strength training when contracts for films appeared, where you need to perform physically difficult stunts. The actress goes to the gym 3-4 times a week and loves to make classes a joy.
And, of course, she, like any girl, loves to walk and go shopping. Let's help Hollywood star get ready for any daily routine.
To begin with, we will do a full-fledged facial and select sportswear for the fitness club.
Then we will apply light makeup and go shopping with the actress!
And finally, let's do a stylish evening hairstyle and bright makeup for the red carpet. In a chic dress, you can go to a gala reception!
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Help style one of the most eye-catching fashionistas on the red carpet in this incredible game today! Help the famous superstar with her hair, makeup, outfit and more as you make your way to being young, rich and famous! Help her with her shopping and maybe even motivate her to go to the gym during her hectic schedule!

How to play:

Use mouse or touch to play.

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